Letter : To secretary of your club complaining of the inadequacy of the facilities provided at club

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Letter to the secretary of your club complaining of the inadequacy of the facilities provided at the club
17 Jahan Alam
The Hon. Secretary,
…. Club,.
Dear Sir,
I am in receipt of your circular letter of the 1 5th January 2006 reminding the members who have not paid up their subscriptions 1or the period ending this month, to do so immediately. I was absent from Karachi for nearly six months; hence the arrears are due from me.
I visited the club the day before yesterday, and was most unpleasantly surprised to notice the change that has Game over the place since I left Karachi six month ago. There were very few chairs on the premises and even those that were there scattered all over the place, the lounge being, perhaps, the only place .empty of them.
The Billiard table was not in good repair, and there were no markers to help the members who were willing to make use of the table, defective as it was. Games, like chess and Draughts, were hardly enough to go round, and the Cards were absolutely disgusting - torn and hand- soiled. The library was shut rather an unusual thing to happen- but when I had the room opened, I did not find even half the book in. Even some of the reference books were not on their shelves, though, as a rule, they ought not to be loaned out.
The Tennis and Badminton courts were being used, but I was shocked at the monopolizing attitude of some of the players. While a score of members were watching, waiting for their turns, the few in occupation of the courts, went on playing, heedless of others.
It may be said that, on the whole, the premises of your club have never been so shabby as they are now; nor has the club ever before been so poorly organized.
I hope you will personally look into the matter and get things right, If the present state of affairs has been brought about by lack of funds or by irresponsible attitude of some members, your views and difficulties before the whole house. I feel certain that every reasonable member will cooperate in putting an end to the awful condition prevailing at the club.
I enclose Rs. 5000 in cash, being my subscription up to date.
Yours faithfully,
Mehmood lqbal.

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