English Essay on Effects of War of Independence

English Essay on Effects of War of Independence

English Essay on "Effects of War of Independence"

Effects of War of Independence

The War of Independence 1857 despite its failure changed the entire political, social and economic outlook of the sub-continent. The British were forced to revive their policy. Some important effects of the war were as under. Immediately after the war, through the Queen’s Proclamation of 1858, the crown took over the control of Indo-Pakistan from the English East India Company. Lord Canning the last Governor General of the East India Company became the first Viceroy of the British Government in India. Consequently the Indians were placed on equality with the subjects of the British crown.

The British Government abolished the Doctrine of Lapse the rules of the states the right to adopt their heirs. The policy of annexations was totally abandoned. Rulers of the sates were guaranteed that there would be no more annexations. After the War the number of European soldiers was increased in Indo-Pakistan.educationsight.blogspot.com It is estimated that there were 65,000 European soldiers against 140,00 native soldiers. The army was reorganized into separate regiments. The artillery was totally put under the control of Europeans.

One ugly effect of the war of Independence was that the English subjected the Muslims to oppression. The British considered Muslims responsible for the War of Independence. Accordingly the head of repression fell more heavily on the Muslims than on the Hindus. Many of the leading Muslims were hanged or exiled. As a result of the War the British Government changed its agrarian policy in Indo-Pakistan. The Permanent Settlement of Bengal was reconsidered. The land owners were provided safeguards.

After the War the British wrath was directed at the Muslims. The properties of the Muslims were confiscated and they were subjected to all sorts of terror and repression. The British adopted a discriminatory policy towards the Hindus and the Muslims. The Hindus were given preference over the Muslims. Soon a wide gulf between the two communities assumed dangerous proportions.

The failure of the Independence War encouraged the Christian missionaries to resume the propagation of their religion with new vigour and assurance.

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