Application : For Fee Concession

Request for Fee Concession
The Head Master,
Govt. High School…….
April 11, 2014
The Headmaster,
Falcon Public School,
Nazimabad No. 3,
With due respects it is stated that I am a necessitous pupil aid gravely defend in requirement of improve and help to preserve my studies.
My father is a first Schooltime Educator effort only 3500/- per period as salary. I become from a prominent ancestry of 8 members. We are four brothers and two sisters of whom quaternion are at cultivate. My root finds it real tight to pay our period fees and added expenses.
I shall thus see it extraordinary favour if I am presented a grant in schooltime fees. So that I may locomote my studies.
Thanking you.
Yours obediently
X. Y. Z.

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