Letter : Bribery Nuisance

Bribery Nuisance
Examination Hall,
The Editor,
April 18, 2014
Daily Dawn
Little space in your esteemed newspaper can be handy in attracting the attention of the concerned Department regarding above mentioned grievance.
Bribery is rampant in our country and a common form of corruption. The way it has taken deep roots, really needs measures. We find so many people offering and giving bribe to get their work done. It is such a nuisance that has penetrated in our society and corrupted us from top to bottom. No work is done without bribery. Be it a Govt. department or private, it is considered necessary to greasy palm to get the work done or to guard against unnecessary delaying tactics. Further, we see students giving money to the staff in the exam to copy as well, People say ‘Money opens all the locks’ and it has become a normal routine to demand bribe either directly or indirectly by delaying the work these days. Better laws should be implemented to stop it. Complain center should also be established for registering complaints against the departments and individuals who deliberately linger work to demand bribe. If bribery is not uprooted from our country, we will further go into quagmire and we will never be able to stand into ranks of developed countries.
I request the high-ups to take serious decision to eradicate this nuisance and provide corruption free environment to the people of Pakistan.
Yours truly,

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