Story on Blessing in Disguise

Blessing in Disguise

Short Story on "Blessing in Disguise"

It all happened in the USA some two years ago. Three big businessmen went hand in hand to an air booking office in New York to tickets for London on a fine morning. They had to reach London the same day in the evening to finish a very big business deal that was to bring them a lot of profit. By good luck, as they thought, they got three tickets on a fast Boeing plane flying to London at 1.00 p.m. Now it was 9.00 a.m. and they had to collect some important business papers from their offices in a New York business centre. From the booking office the three businessmen hurried straight to their office in their grand As they collected their business documents one after another, they got a little late. But, still there was enough time at their disposal, and they drove their car as fast as they could. But, at a road crossing, as God willed it, there was an unusual traffic jam and the car was held up for quite a long time. When they reached the airport, it was too late as the plane had already taken off. They were feeling very sad to lose their business deal. But, to the tremendous and happy surprise of the businessmen, the same plane had been hijacked to an unknown destination by some terrorists as it was on its way to Britain. Now the three businessmen were thanking their stars the next day that they had missed the plane and their business deal rightly ended to their benefit. Missing the plane was in fact a blessing in disguise for them.

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