Letter : To a newspaper for having better libraries in city or town

To a newspaper on the need for having better libraries in your city or town
Examination Hall,
April 18, 2014
The Editor,
The News
We need better libraries than we have at present. I make these suggestions.
1. The small libraries in the cities should be expanded into big public libraries. There should be books on all subjects, old as well as new.
2. There should be all kinds of newspapers and magazines for readers in a library.
3. There should be a number of reading rooms. Readers should be able to sit there as long as they wish.
4. All the big libraries should have photocopying facilities. If possible, some of them should have cassettes and films on different subjects. These can be played and shown in the libraries on TV screens or members may borrow them for a few days.
5. There should be more libraries in the cities. There should be small libraries in the village too. Or there may be mobile libraries.
I suggest our leading librarians should visit famous libraries in other countries periodically. This will enable them to learn different better ways of maintaining and improving our libraries. Some model or ideal libraries can be set up with government and public funds in some cities and towns.
Yours truly,

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