Letter : To friend who has failed in the S.S.C Examination

To your friend who has failed in the S.S.C Examination
A/5 11/H,
North Karachi,
April 05, 2014
My dear Reshman,
I was pained to find your name missing from the list of successful candidates of S.S.C examination published in the newspapers. Unexpected as it was, I rang up a friend of mine in a. newspaper office to took up into the original list received from the Board but your roll number was not there. You had worked hard and every body was confident of your getting through the examination. I think some un towards thing at the eleventh hour is responsible for this miss-happening.
I am confident you would not lose heart and would appear at the next examination confidently. Failure is not something so very bad. It is a stir to work harder. Many great men had been unsuccessful in their first attempt in schools and outside. To them failure was a prelude to success. Therefore, you should not be disheartened and should work harder to get through the examination with flying colors.
Yours ever,
Shaista Amber Perwaiz

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