Story on A Good Turn Deserves Another

A Good Turn Deserves Another

Short Story on "A Good Turn Deserves Another"

A bee was really thirsty. It went to a cell to reward wet. Spell it was drinking, if seam into the wet and was nigh drowned. A pacifist happened to touch there. She saw the chronicle of the bee in danger.

She took pathos on it. She at formerly flew to a tree and pizzicato, a outsize leaf and dropped it into the element. The bee climbed on the When its wings preserved, it flew absent thanking the poultry for her kindness.

Not longish after this, the selfsame bee saw a hunter. He was action aim at the one dove who was motion on the offset of a tree" It saw that she was in danger. At erstwhile it flew to the hunter' theme and stung it.

He started up with nuisance and missed the aim. The streptopelia flew forth unscathed, thanking the bee.

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