Letter : Concerned towards prolong hours of load shedding

Little space in your esteem newspaper could be useful enough to direct he attentions of authorities concerned towards prolong hours of load shedding.
Examination Hall,
A. B. C. Road,
April 22, 2014
The Editor,
The Daily DAWN,
Landhi is a place where very large number of gins goes to colleges yet there is no college in the vicinity. Due to the non-availability of college, girls of the area have to travel long journey to reach their colleges in rush hour that further adds their problems. As the education is obligatory for everyone & educated women make the society civilized therefore the establishment of college is imperative in the said area. I hope that the authorities concerned take cogent steps to set up a college and mitigate I lessen the hardships of the resident of Landhi.
Yours truly,

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