Letter : To editor regarding inconvenience caused by the general public due to strikes and demonstrations

Regarding inconvenience caused by the general public due to strikes and demonstrations
Sohaib Siddiqui,
356, Gulshan-e-lqbal,
April 14, 2014
The Editor,
The News,
I wish to highlight a common malaise through the columns of your newspaper. Strikes and demonstrations have become an order of the day in our country. The workers, the government servants, the traders, the rickshaw drivers in fact, people in all walks of society often resort to strikes and demonstrations to highlight their genuine or baseless demands. People often try to solve their minor problems through strikes, demonstrations etc. Slogan shouting and defying the authorities have become very common. People are ready to go on strikes even on the slightest of excuse. Those who resort to these practices do not understand how much inconvenience is caused to the general public.
In a number of cases the strikes become violent and the police have to use force or tear gas in order to disperse them. After the firing, the enquiry commissions are appointed to look into the causes of the violence. Thus, a lot of money is spent which simply goes down the drain.
Pakistan is a developing economy. What we need is a joint and concerted effort to make it a buoyant and leading economy. We cannot afford the luxury of strikes and demonstrations. A great number of working-days are lost every year because of these strikes.
I suggest that the government should take a stern view of these strikes and demonstrations. At least thestrike in essential services like medical, educations, transport and banking should be completely banned. The government should appoint high power tribunals to look into the problems and grievances of the common people issue. Anti social elements should not be allowed to take the law in their own hands.
Yours Sincerely,
Suhaib Siddiqul.

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