Story on Honestly is the Best Policy

Honestly is the Best Policy

Short Story on "Honestly is the Best Policy"

Once there lived a merchant in Baghdad. One day he lost his bag containing two hundred gold dinars. He got it proclaimed by beat of drum that if the finder of his bag would bring it to him he would award him fifty -gold coins.

A poor wood cutter, while going into the jungle, saw the bag lying in the way. He took it up, counted the coins, and finding them to be exact two hundred thought it was the bag of the merchant. Honest as lie was, he took it to the merchant. The merchant recognized his bag and found no Dinar missing. The merchant was dishonest and a liar. Seeing that he would have to part with fifty dinars, he hit upon a plan to save He said to the wood cutter, “The bag also contained seven pieces of precious Jewel. You are a dishonest man and have taken out the jewels. Fetch He jewels or T will report to the Qazi.” The wood cutter saw through the trick of the merchant, ‘vent to the Qazi and odged a complaint against him. In the court, too, the merchant maintained that the bag contained seven jewels also which were missing. The qazi saw the bag and found that it had no space to contain a single jewel, let alone seven.

He therefore said to the merchant, “This bag contains two hundred dinars only and there is no space for a single jewel even in the bag. So this is not your bag. Your bag must be bigger enough to contain seven jewels besides two hundred dinars. Go and search for your bag.” Saying this he gave the bag with He coins to the wood cutter with the instruction to use the dinars at his will. The merchant lost two hundred dinar due to his dishonesty.

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