Letter : to a friend, asking him, to visit Pakistan

to a friend, asking him, to visit Pakistan
V/A, 7/42,
April 14, 2014
My dear Sajid Ali Siddiqui,
Last year when I was with you in Manchester, you had promised me to come to Pakistan to visit various places of historical importance and see the beauty of Swat. Your winter vacation is perhaps commending in the first week of December. With two months at your disposal, you will have ample time to visit all the worth seeing places of Pakistan. We shall visit Moen-jo-daro, Harappa, Lahore, Swat the Lake Saiful Maluk, Sangram and other places.
Moen-jo-daro and Harappa are ruins having a history of over five thousand years old. The finds at those places represent a civilization that once prospered and then disappeared, At Lahore you may see Moghal architecture you will forget Switzerland in Swat and will be enchanted to see the lake Saiful Maluk in moonlit night. You will fel as if you are in a fairy land. Intimate me about your date of arrival with number of flight so that I can receive you at the airport.
with love from,
Adnan Khan

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