Story on Brain is Mightier than the Body

Brain is Mightier than the Body

Short Story on "Brain is Mightier than the Body"

There lived a lion in a jungle. He was cruel and killed a lot of animals tally. So the animals of the jungle sent a delegate to him with the request not to kill animals imprudently, They also under took to send one animal daily for his meal. The lion consented.

One day it was the turn of a hare to go to the lion as his ration. The hare was very clever. He rested under a bush and reached the lion very late for his The lion was curious and demanded him to explain for the delay. The hare said, “Your Majesty I am not at felt. There lives a lion in a well nearby and he prevented me from coming to you saying that he was mightier than you and hence forth alt the animals must go to him instead of you.” The lion ran into a rage and said to the hare, “Show me where is the rascal I shall show him who is mightier.” So the hare took the lion to the well. He peeped into it and seeing his own shadow, believed it to be the other lion. Roaring loudly he jumped into the well and was drowned. The hare went to the jungle and told the animals how he had killed the lion and had saved them.

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