Letter : To editor about the nuisance of begging in streets and trains

To editor about the nuisance of begging in streets and trains
Bilal Ahmed,
128, Gulshan —e-lqbal
April 14, 2014
The Editor,
The Dawn,
Kindly allow me to draw, through the columns of your newspaper the attention of the public towards a great social nuisance. This is the nuisance of begging in the streets and trains.
Begging has been present in our country since ancient times, but now it has assumed the proportion of a big evil. Once a foreigner remarked the symbol of Pakistan is an outstretched hand. You can find beggars swarming every public place. Whether you go to the market or the Masjid, you will find yourselves surrounded by hordes of beggars. You will find them on the railways platforms and in the trains. They even pester you in streets and call at your doorsteps to beg for alms.
Begging is a blot on the name of Pakistan. The worst thing is that among the beggars there are many men and women who are quite hale and hearty but they indulge in begging because they are shirkers and do not want to labour. In some cities, the beggars indulge in crime like stealing, shoplifting or even murders. Some beggars kidnap young children, mutilate their limbs and force them to beg.
I, therefore, request the authorities that the menace of begging be firmly checked. The really disabled and weak persons should be helped by the government so that they do not have to beg.
Yours Sincerely,
Bilal Ahmed

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