Story on Beauty Needs No Ornaments

Beauty Needs No Ornaments

Short Story on "Beauty Needs No Ornaments"

There, once, ruled a young and beautiful King over a country. The King was unmarried. The vazirs of the king always urged him to marry at which lie would smile. One day the king said that he was not against his marriage but wanted to marry the most beautiful girl of the country. The vazirs, there upon, told the king that they would produce all the pretty girls of the country for his review and selection on a certain day.

The day arrived and all the pretty and attractive girls of the country were gathered and made to pass one by one for the review of the king. These girls had got their make up done by experts, were wearing costly clothes, and ornaments set with They passed in front of the king one by one. Since the king sat in open, a beggar girl, clad in rags, came in the wake of these girls to beg alms. As soon as the king saw her, lie was enchanted by her beauty. He got down the throne, approached the beggar girl and asked her to be his queen. He said to his vazirs, “Beauty needs no ornaments. A thing of beauty is beautiful without artificiality.”

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