Letter : To editor of a newspaper break down of electric

To the editor of a newspaper about the frequent break down of electric in your area
Ruquaia Haider,
M.B.B.S. ; F.R.C.S.
16, Kehkashan,
North Karachi.
April 03, 2014
The Editor,
The Daily Dawn,
Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw the attention of K.E.S.C. authorities to the frequent break down of electricity in North Karachi. For the last many months it has become a regular feature that frequent break downs take place from dusk till late night and the area remains without electricity too frequently. Many complaints have been lodged but without any avail.
Summers in Karachi are awfully hot, and in the absence of electricity the rooms get as hot as oven. One can imagine the hellish lot we are Constrained to endure by K.E.S.C authorities. The bedding, and the clothes get soiled due to profuse perspiration. Continuous profuse perspiration causes dehydration and necessitates hospitalization in many cases.
It has become customary for the break down to occur at dusk, and we cook, eat and do other things in the dark. Thus KESC is turning us into bats. Students suffer for no fault of theirs. They are punished in the schools be cause they do not complete their home work due to absence of light.
It is unfortunate that the sole hospital situated in this area refuses to attend to the emergency cases in the dark and the patients are rushed to some other hospital. Some of these emergency causes die in the way due to lack of immediate attention.
The break down effects water supply in the area too. The main pipe line is low and the pressure is inadequate with he result that the water does not reach our tanks without sucking pumps. Without electricity the pumps do not work and we cannot avail of the generosity of the water Board that supplies water to us twice a weak for one hour only after midnight. One may imagine our lot.
I request the K.E.S.C authorities to look into the matter urgently and save the residents of the area from these troubles.
Yours faithfully,
Ruquaia Haider

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