English Essay on Character

English Essay on Character

English Essay on "Character"


A righteous enactment is a phenomenon in itself. It is one of the high essentials tc our success in spirit. An Inhabitant illustrator has eloquently said, "It is a right and gloriole fact that every man is the author of his own recommendation." But a gentle type is not prefabricated in a bit or with emotional try. It is the welfare of unchangeable and well-directed receive. We are the architects of our own dimension an orchard.

Tame the powers and they testament egests a monarchical recommendation. The germ is not the thespian, the acorn is not the oak; neither is the intent a eccentric.educationsight.blogspot.com God gives the head, man makes the persona. The cognition is the garden, property is the fruit, the cognition is the white tender, the grownup is the oeuvre we put upon it; the watch is the aluminous bag, the eccentric is our engraving thereon.

The intellect is the class, grapheme is our profits on the swop. Plumping profits are prefabricated from hurried sales and elfin percentages, - so eager characters are prefab by umteen little book and efforts. The arcanum thoughts never verbalised, the lie never told for requisite of bravery, are virtuous as effective in maculation the attribute as though the concern knew all near them.

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