Letter : To his headmaster commending the helpful boy

Buisness Letter
While on your way to an important interview, you had some trouble with your bicycle. A boy from a local school helped you to continue your journey. As a result of his help, you have succeeded in securing the job you had applied for, a letter to his headmaster, commending the helpful boy.
Auriga Street,
April 01, 2014
The Headmaster,
Dear Sir,
I write this letter to commend one of your pupils. Yesterday morning, I was cycling Auriga to New Park, the front wheel of my bicycle ran over a nail lying on the road, It was instantly deflated. I had only a quarter of an hour left in which to reach the... School, where I had to be interviewed for a teachers post.
I waited for a taxi or a bus to take me to my destination, but none arrived for another five minutes. With only ten minutes for my interview to begin. Bashir, Ahmed, Ali, a class iii pupil of your school, came along riding his bicycle to school. On approaching me. he alighted from his machine, and asked me why I was waiting there. When I pointed to my deflated wheel, he, disregarding the fact that he would be late for school, started to open my lyre to repair the puncture, I casually mentioned that I was getting late for my interview without any hesitation, be offered his biocide to me and told me to take it to his school after the interview; meanwhile he would repair my bicycle and ride it to school. Not withstanding Ahmed All is help. I was last for the interview, but not so late as to lose the job. The Headmaster of the ... School agreed to recommend to his board of Governors that I be appointed as a teacher at his school, with effect from 1st February.
Thus, it will be appreciated; I owe my job to Ahmed Ali’s generosity. I am particularly impressed by his offer to exchange our bicycles, considering that his was a brand new machine, while ‘mine was very old thing, indeed, You should be proud of pupils, like Ahmed Ali, who put service before self.
Yours faithfully
Bilal Masood.

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