English Essay on Corruption in Pakistan

English Essay on Corruption in Pakistan

English Essay on "Corruption in Pakistan"

Corruption in Pakistan

Dshonesty has turn out to be synonymous with our existing system and is pushing our nation to a dead end. Favoritism, nepotism, misappropriation of public fund, bad debts and misuse of power are on the rise. Corruption has gained roots in our society because of wrong decisions and weak policies of the successive governments. The agencies responsible for checking corruption have completely failed in their mission. Thus accountability seems non-existent. First of all we must define the corruption. Apparently, it would look like suspicious financial transaction alone. But that is too narrow view. Corruption today has become a way of life and it encompasses the ideological, moral and ethical values of society. It has become a part of our culture. Think about everyone else who is engaging in corruption .If we don’t do the same thing, will not it be to our loss? If a thousand people are engaging in corruption, the one who doesn’t, is only hurting himself. Corruption is a series of developed reactions to the same situation that has strengthened with time and repetition. “Built upon the desire to prevail are all other forms of corruption. Degrading others or their realities or property makes it easier to prevail. Gaining lying stifles the competing influence of others”.
Scenario, there is no room for cooperation, fair play and justice. It is all about who is better ,powerful, influential and dominating than the others and also about how you use your advantages to subdue your opponent by talking away his or her assets. While addressing to the constituent assembly of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam said, “One of the biggest curses from which India is suffering is bribery and corruption that really is a poison.educationsight.blogspot.com We must put that down with an iron hand”. His words were not directed at any particular group. He foresaw corruption as a deadly virus, a poison which could sap the very foundation of a state and lay it open to all kinds of dangers. “Acquiring power is the purpose of corruption, since power is needed to prevail over other persons. When succeeding, power is acquired, and its desirability causes the behaviour to be repeated”.
Positive rewards are the acquisition of wealth, power and dominance. The act of corruption thus becomes so automatic in the human brain that it escapes the awareness of the perpetrator of corruption. Corruption in Pakistan comes in as many forms as there could be. It comes in the form of bribery receiving and giving. It exists in the show of power and influence through real and concocted relationships with people in authority and the gains they can obtain from others. The worst form of corruption is intellectual and professional dishonesty to please or benefit a few individual at the cost of others. Equally dangerous is sycophancy which misleads people in decision making and has extremely harmful effects.

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