Letter : To younger brother advising to take studies seriously

To your younger brother advising him to take his studies seriously
36, Watkins Drive,
M-25-R D.S.
April 12, 2014
My dear Shahab,
I am glad to learn from your letter that you have got admission in the university. Now, your are a grown up man and can plan for your future and can work earnestly fur ii. A responsible man is always conscious of his duties.
This Is the period for you to learn and acquire as much knowledge as possible. If you waste this time, it will never come again for you and after wards it would be no good to cry over spilt milk. So you should take you studies seriously.
Father has seen you to London to learn and to be able to lead a prosperities life. How deeply he will be grieved if he learns that instead of studying you loiter with your friends and waste the hard earned money in cafeterias.
Yours affectionately,
Anwar Aflab Rizvi

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