Mithig Tooth - Poem

Mithig Tooth

Poem : "Mithig Tooth"

I'm having trouble thpeaking
thinthe I lotht my middle tooth.
Jutht yethterday my tooth wath fine—
today it wiggled loothe.

At firtht I thought it thilly
when my tooth fell out today,
but no one theemth to understand
a thingle word I thay.

I athked my mom to clothe the door.
She thaid, “That would be rude.
The door does not like wearing clothes;
it's happy in the nude.”

I thaid a mouthe wath in my room
and she should come and thee.
She thaid, “Your mouth in on your face;
it's right where it should be.”

I wonder if you underthand
the thircumthtanthe I'm in.
I told her I wath feeling thick.
She thaid, “You're looking thin.”

At latht she thaw how mad I wath
and thought I might thtop breathing.
She laughed and thaid she didn't mean it—
she wath only teething.

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