School Daze Rap - Poem

School Daze Rap

Poem : "School Daze Rap" - Carol Diggroy Shields

Woke up at eight—oh no, I overslept!
I ran for the bus, but the bus had left.
I raced to school, I really, really buzzed,
But then I forgot where my classroom was.
Finally found it, opened the door—
My teacher turned into a dinosaur!
The dinosaur roared, “Sit down at your desk!
Pick up your pencil, “cause we're having a test!”
All the kids were staring, sitting in their rows,
I looked down and saw I'd forgotten my clothes.
The dinosaur frowned and started to shake me,
Turned into my mom, who was trying to wake me.
“Hey, sleepyhead, Tommy's here to play,
Why aren't youp? It's Sunday.”

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