School, Some Suggestions - Poem

School, Some Suggestions

Poem : "School, Some Suggestions" - Bobbi Katz

If kids could be the teachers,
If kids could make the rules,
there'd be a lot of changes made
in almost all schools.
First thing they'd stop the homework.
They'd never give a test.
They know that growing children
must have their proper rest.
They'd make the lunchtime longer—
let's say from twelve to two,
so every growing boy or girl
had time enough to chew!

Of course, concerning recess,
kids clearly realize
to keep their bodies healthy,
kids need to exercise.
And so there would be recess,
perhaps from nine to ten,
and then when it is two o' clock
it's recess time again!
With longer, stronger weekends,
each child would grow so smart—
he would perform with excellence
in music, gym, and art!

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