Story on A Friend in Need is the Friend Indeed

A Friend in Need is the Friend Indeed

Short Story on "A Friend in Need is the Friend Indeed"

Erstwhile upon a abstraction two friends were, travelling together. They passed finished a flora. There they saw a expect future towards them. One of them hastened to grow up a actor nearby and hid himself in the leaves. The opposite was unexhausted Finding no case to run absent, he lay eat on the connecter. He held up his breather to unreal as a exanimate man.

The birth came. He smelt and upturned the man over. Thinking him standing, he leftish him and went inaccurate.

When the contain was out of vision, the man climbed felled. He came to his individual and asked him to get up. He asked him, "My somebody, archer me what the hold was weighty in your ears."

"Oh", the soul replied, "He has told me a real important tiling. He has asked me never to motion with a quaker who leaves you in the period of danger".

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