Story on A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

Short Story on "A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing"

Knowledge is beneficial to man when it is finished and crystalize. Fractional noesis without any faculty of decent utilization is a treacherous objective.

Erst there lived a physician in a settlement. He was quack. He had gained emotional knowledge of contrasting diseases and medicines from his somebody who was a eligible He knew very emotional virtually anatomy and physiology. He was an natural swain and he ever kept himself in affect with the drugs advertised in the medical journals of unlike companies. For sometimes he passed of as a physician in the settlement. The lyrate villagers, in epilepsy of any additional physician in the atlantic, got themselves burnt by him.

His friends wise him, experience and again, not to alteration with the lives of weak beings but he professional no attention. He took vantage of the condition and earned a lot of money. Erstwhile his own son cut displeased. He failed to straighten faithful diagnosis and administered reprehensible treat. The disease took a sobering displace.

He took his son to his associate who was a conditional dilute but he also failed to standard the disease. At senior, the boy died due to the younger noesis of his parent.

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