Story on A good name is better than bags of gold

A good name is better than bags of gold

Short Story on "A good name is better than bags of gold"

Once there lived a merchant who was very rich. When he died he left behind two sons. They were of opposite nature and as such had to separate after dividing the riches between them. The elder brother was a miser. He even beat those servants who would give alms. He used to deceive his customers to get more money. He got a bad reputation and every body hated him. The younger brother was a kind hearted fellow. He was honest in his dealings with his customers. He was generous and would help poors. The fame of his virtue spread. Due to his generosity he was always short of money but he did not mind it. As chance may have it, both the brother fell in love with a beautiful lads’ of the city. They both wanted to marry The elder brother sent her precious presents with the request to marry him. The younger brother sent her a very ordinary present. The lady asked the go between of the elder brother what merits did his master bear. The intermediary replied that he had heaps of gold and his richness is exceptional. Then the tad asked the go-between of the younger brother about the merits of his master. The intermediary replied that he had no riches but he is honest kind and benevolent.

The lady sat in silence for a while then said to the go between an elder brother. Your master has gold but has earned a bad name and to me a good name is better than bags of gold. I prefer to be married to a kind man of good name rather than to a miser, dishonest and bad pu1ed person. I shall marry the younger brother.

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