Story on Brain is Mightier than the Body

Brain is Mightier than the Body

Short Story on "Brain is Mightier than the Body"

Formerly there lived a cat in a timberland. He was real rigorous. He killed more animals regular. So the animals were very cowardly of him. One day the animals held a convergency to chance a way to get rid of the lion. An old game said, "I shall do it, you parting it to me." It went to the celebrity and told him that he would get one being daily. The lion conventional the proposition.

Succeeding day he went to the lion. The cat was thirsty when he reliable to neglect upon the hare to cat it, the hare said, "Please concentrate to me There is other celebrity in the timber. He is uptake the animals of the flora. I can demonstration you that lion".

The cat grew enraged at it. We desired to defeat his competitor. He went with the game to the surface. The hare requested him to examine into it. When the celebrity looked in, he saw his own remark in the installation. He took it for other cat.

He jumped into the substantially and was drowned. In this way the cunning game found the animals of the set from the celebrity.

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