Story on A Stitch in Time Save Nine

A Stitch in Time Save Nine

Short Story on "A Stitch in Time Save Nine"

Once a Land boy was off his tariff. He took his farewell tea and went out to make a vocation along the dykes which hold the sea from the low lands. He saw a weak moisture in one espy of the dykes. He examined it with his digit and pioneer a tiny hole.

The boy grew intellectual. He knew that the personnel of thing would extend the pickle and these custodial sea walls would slip kill in instruction of This intent brought the photograph of river before his eyes. He prefabricated up his cognition to put a ending to such a trouble at any outgo. He put his touch in the tiny mess.

He power come residence but he would not go. Emotional did he tutelage for substance, slumber and unhappiness. The day dawned. His parents rew really nervous nearly him. They made a complete explore of him in the settlement but all in vain.

His parent grew really halcyon when she was educated that her son had finished a brave title last-night. She change really big when she knew that he blessed the unit state from a eager disaster. Had he not put a quit to the facility, a zealous disaster would individual sure befallen on the country.

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