Story on Care free Life is a Boon

Care free Life is a Boon

Short Story on "Care free Life is a Boon"

Once there lived a rich man in a city, who had a poor cobbler as his neighbour. The cobbler worked hard in the day and sang gleefully late in the night. The rich man got envious of his jollification and one day called him and said, “Poor as you are, you cannot enjoy life as I can, but still you are happier than I. Can you tell inc the reasons for that ?“ The cobbler replied, “Sir, I am poor, no doubt, but I am happy because I have no cares, I spend what I earn and trust God for the future You are rich but have worries about your riches and as such you are unhappier.

To test the truth of his statement, the rich man gave the cobbler a bag full gold coins. The cobbler took the bag home and burned it in a room. Since then, the cobbler began to worry about the safety of the money. He could not work whole-heartedly and could not sleep soundly lest the bag was stolen. The worry began to tell upon his So he took the bag out and taking it to the rich man, returned it. Saying, “This money has robbed me of my content, serene and placid life. Please take it back so that I may get my lost jollity and jocundity again.” He, thereafter, remained as cheerful and happy as he was before getting the money.

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