Story on Do good and have good

Do good and have good

Short Story on "Do good and have good"

It is the story of a fierce, but grand lion that lived in a thick forest. Once he was sleeping that a louse jumped on him. Thus, it disturbed him in his sleep. The lion got angry and roared (produced a deep loud sound). He was going to kill the mouse. The mouse asked the lion to excuse the satisfied. The liod excised the mouse who was very thankful. Happy and satisfied, it went away from there.

One day the lion was waking in the forest. Suddenly he was caught in the hunter’s net. Now he could not walk. He roared The mouse, which the lion had earlier, heard the roaring and came to him from its hole. It cut the strings of the net which its teeth quite easily. The lion comfortably came out of the net. He thanked the mouse again and again (repeatedly). The lesson of the story is that kindness never goes unrewarded. Or act well and be rewarded well.

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