Story on Goodness is Repaid

Goodness is Repaid

Short Story on "Goodness is Repaid"

Once there was an ant. It went to drink water in a spring. Suddenly the wind began to blow rough which created waves. One of the waves carried the ant away into the river and it began to A dove was sifting on a tree near the bank. It saw the drowning ant, cut a leaf its beak and dropped it near the ant, The ant climbed over the leaf which was carried to the bank by the wind and the ant was saved.

A few days later, a hunter saw the dove sifting on the tree. He at once loaded his gun and aimed at the dove. The ant saw the hunter aiming his gun at its benefactor. So it crawled on the foot of the hunter and bit him. Due to the pain the hunter was misbalanced and he missed the aim. Thus the dove was saved.

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