He Who Digs a Pit for Others Falls Into It Himself - Story

He Who Digs a Pit for Others Falls Into It Himself

Short Story on "He Who Digs a Pit for Others Falls Into It Himself "

Once upon a lime three travelers met on the road. They found that they had to go in the same direction. So they decided to travel together. They walked on, talking and laughing and in a short lime became friends. On the way they passed through a forest. They were tired and the cool shade of the tress tern pled them. So they sat down under a big tree to relax.
Suddenly, they saw something at a distance glittering in the sun. They hurried towards it, and found that it was a big metal box. They forced it open. There were SOC clothes and gold ornaments in it. They were naturally very excited and happy. They divided the ornaments equally among themselves and once again lay down on the grass. Alter some time they felt hungry. One of them offered to go to the nearby village and get food.
When he had bought food, an idea came in to his mind. He thought that he could get all the ornaments. He bought some poison, mixed it with food and went hack to his companions in his absence, the other two men conspired to kill him and get all the gold. Therefore, as soon as he returned they fell upon him and murdered him. They took his share of ornaments and divided it. Then they began to cat the food he had brought. They had not finished the meal when, crying with pain, they fell on the ground and died.

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