Letter : To your friend condoling him on the death of his father

Condoling on the death of his father
The Examination Hall.
A.B.C. Road,
May 24, 2014
My Dear Ghani,
I am extremely shocked to know that you have just lost your father. I had the occasion of coming in intimate contact with him and then I saw him enjoying the best of health.
I presume, it must hove been a short illness which took your dear father away from you and your family. The loss of parents is one of the most painful bereavement that we have to suffer on earth.
We all have to bow before the will of God. I offer my heartiest sympathy to you at his untimely death. Your father was a gentleman. He lived nobly and he died a noble gentleman.
You are now the chief support of the family. May God give you strength to bear the loss and may He bring you comfort. I am sure you will gather courage and bear the brunt of this untimely blow.
Yours sincerely,

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