Letter : To the editor of a newspaper complaining about the rash diving in city

Complaining about the rash diving in the city
Examination Centre,
May 5, 2014
The Editor,
The Daily Dawn,
Dear Sir,
Rash driving is increasing in the city. More accidents are taking place on the roads. One reason for the rash driving is long holds ups due to traffic jams. Drivers want to make up for the lost time by driving rashly.
If the traffic keeps on moving smoothly without any jams, people will refrain from rash driving. People get so late during the traffic jams that they want to make up for the lost time. The rash driving results in accidents. People lose even their lives as a result of rash driving. Everybody should refrain from rash driving on the roads.
The concerned authorities should look into the matter and pay attention to check rash driving on the roads of the city.
Yours truly,

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