Letter : To your younger brother advising him to take interest in game

Advising to take interest in game
The Examination Hall,
A.B.C. Road,
May 21, 2014
My dear brother,
I received your monthly Progress Report from your class teacher the day before yesterday. I was very pleased to know of your high position in the class. I also hear your friends say that you always remain engrossed in your books and neglect your health. It is really good to work hard but at the same time you should not neglect your health because health is wealth. You do not play any games while games are also necessary for health. I advise you to take some exercise early in the morning and ploy some game in the playground in the evening. If you keep good health, your mind will also be fresh and healthy.
Sound mind and sound body are the prerequisites of happy life. The English proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” shows the importance of games in life. Games will make you healthy and also teach you important qualities of discipline, obedience, co-operation, friendship, team-spirit, sportsmanship, fair-play, courage, patience and the sense of responsibility. Games are small competitions in the play-ground but they teach you how to prepare yourself to face the hardships of life in future.
I hope that you will act upon my advice and take an active part in games.
Please convey my compliments to all the members of the family and love dear Kashan.
With best wishes,
Your loving brother,

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