The Day I Was Really Happy - English Essay

The Day I Was Really Happy

English Essay on "The Day I Was Really Happy"

I will always remember the day when the result of the Secondary School Examination was declared by the Board. I had obtained very good marks. I was sure to get admission to a really good college. My father congratulated’ me on my Success and gave me fifty rupees to entertain my friends. I sent messages to all of my friends to come in the evening. My mother had promised to provide cold drinks and tea. So all I bad to buy from the bazar was some fruit and sweets.

At 4 o’clock, my friends began to arrive. All of them had passed the examination. Unfortunately, two of my best friends had failed. They did not come. All of us were sorry for them. We had much to talk and discuss with one another. We laughed and cut jokes as we did in the What a happy company it was I will always treasure the memory of that party in my heart. As we were busy in eating and drinking someone knocked at the door. There was a telegram for my father. I received the telegram and gave it to my father. He read it and his face shone with happiness.

He told me that my brother was arriving that evening. My brother had gone to England for higher studies in medicine. Now he was returning after five years. I felt very happy and proud. I rushed to my mother to tell her the good news. Father had already told her. She was praying to God and offering thankfulness. My friends congratulated my father, and left after a while. Father had sent the good news to our relatives also. They came to our house to welcome my brother. At eight in the evening, we went to the railway station to receive my brother. The train arrived, and he came running to father. Father embraced him and patted him on his back. Then he came to me and shook hands. After this he greeted his friends and relatives.

Then we went home. Mother was waiting. As soon as she saw him, she ran to him and took him in her arms. She was sobbing with happiness; brother, to was weeping like a child. It was a touching scene After having dinner, we went to the living room. Brother unpacked his luggage and gave us presents he had brought for us. To me he gave a fountain pen and a gold watch. These two articles will always remind me of that happy day.

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