Application : To Headmistress of Your School Requesting Her to Grant a Concession in School Fee

Request for the concession in fee
The Headmistress,
X-Y-Z School,
June 27, 2014
I am a student of your school studying in class IX. I am very keen to continue with my study but the financial condition of my family is very poor and it is becoming a hinderance.
My father is a school teacher and earns a very little amount from his work. More over due to inflation it has become difficult for my father to afford my education.
Madam, from the school record you will find that I have obtained excellent marks in S.S.C part 1 and hope to pass in grade A-1 in final part of same examination.
In the light of the above circumstances, I would request you to grant me concession in my school fee.
Thanking You for your anticipation in this regard.
Your Obedient Student,

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