Application : To District Police Officer expressing your concern about lawlessness prevalent in your locality

Expressing concern about lawlessness prevalent in locality
The District Police Officer,
June 3, 2014
I, on behalf of the residents of North Karachi Town, take the liberty of bringing to your notice towards the state of lawlessness that prevails in this area.
Some undesirable persons have entered the locality and have made the life of the peaceful people miserable. A carumboard spot is the centre where the bad characters sit almost for 24 hours. At the back of the spot there is house where the addicts of narcotics get together. They ask for money from the shops and sometimes they come at the houses of the respectable persons and extract money.
Any one refuses to pay the "Bhatta" they make hell with him. Ladies cannot move freely from one place to another. In short we are living under the shadow of terror and threat.
We reported against them by approaching the local police station but no action has been taken as yet. I, therefore, request you to look into the matter and direct the official concerned to put a stop to such un-social activities.
Your faithfully.

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