Application : To your maternal father asking him to send money to enable you to join an Excursion Party to Kashmir arranged by your college.

Asking to send money to enable you to join an Excursion Party
D.J Inter College,
July 06, 2014
Respected Nanaji,
I received your kind letter yesterday. My joy knew no bounds to read about Mamaji's marriage. I could not acknowledge it as I was busy in the annual sports of my college. Now I am free from the strain You have asked me my plan during the winter holidays.
The students of my college are going on an excursion to Kashmir for a week. I am anxious to go with them as it will teach me a lot besides recreation. I have a keen desire to enjoy the natural scenes and spacious lakes of Kashmir, the paradise of Pak. I'll get an opportunity to see the waterfalls, house-boats and fruit cultivation there.
I have to deposit five hundred rupees for the travelling expenses by the 15th of this month. I shall need another five hundred rupees for my personal expenses. I request you, Nanaji, to send me this money in time to join the party.
My best regards to Naniji and love to Your and Saima.
Your loving son,

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