Letter : To a pen friend who lives in foreign country telling him briefly about yourself

Telling briefly about yourself
ABC School,
City Road,
July 15, 2014
My Dear,
My joy knew no bound when I received your letter through pen-friend mail. I am sure you would like to know about me and mine.
I am seventeen, studying in XII standard. My optional subjects are Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Engilsh are my compulsory subjects. My father is a doctor, child specialist of name and fame in the district. My hobbies are swimming and photography. In my next letter I shall send you some photographs of the members of my family. I have a loving mother, a younger brother and a sister. They both read in Delhi Public School in Class VIII and VI respectively. I shall feel happy to hear soon about you and your family members.
With regards to your parents and love to young ones.
With best wishes to you.
Truly yours,,

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