Letter : To your father telling him about your hostel life

Telling about hostel life
ABC School,
City Road,
July 15, 2014
My Dear Father,
I have not received any letter from you since I left home. It has caused me worry about your welfare. In this letter I am writing you about my hostel life to minimize your worry about me regarding my boarding and lodging.
There are twenty-five students in our hostel. There are five rooms and five students live in each room. We have a stool, a table, an armed chair and an almirah for each hosteller.
There is satisfactory arrangement of breakfast and meals in the hostel. We take milk and bread slices with butter in breakfast and rice, vegetable, dal and chapati in lunch and dinner. Two special diets are given each month.
We play games in the evening. Our hostel provides facility in Tennis and Volleyball.
Our warden is very gentle and kind. He keeps an eye on our studies, food and games. I am very happy here.
Convey my regards to mother and father.
With regards,

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