Letter : Your pen-friend informing him that you are sending a book to him

Informing that you are sending a book to him
Examination Hall,,
Dec 24, 2014
My Dear,
I am glad to acknowledge the receipt of your very kind and appreciative letter of the 2nd inst. I wonder whether you have already received the booklet of poems that I sent to you. Today, I am forwarding a second book on to you by separate post and shall be glad to hear that you have received it safely.
I wrote this boy during the course of the summer holidays. I do not know whether the poems are readable at all by your standard. In any case I shall be grateful if you could give me your opinion about them.
Meanwhile I am going through your book of poetry. I find many poems in it are very interesting. I shall give my opinion in my next letter after I have finished reading them.
Please pay my best respects to your parents. You do not know how much I wish I were able to see you, but then as somebody said : “If wishes were horses—”
With kindest regards,
Yours very sincerely,

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