'G' idioms and phrases with urdu meaning

Idioms and Phrases beginning with 'G'

Idioms and Phrases With Urdu Meaning

Gain groundترقی کرناFashions are gaining ground in society.
To gain one’sدلائل سے مخالف کو شکست دیناIt is very difficult to gain his sister’s point.
Ready to the last gaiter buttonمکمل تیارAre you ready in the last gaiter button for today’s performance.
Galanty showپتلیوں کا سایہLife is nothing but a galanty show.
Gall and wormwoodمکمل طور پر غیر متفق کرناWould you please stop your gall and wormwood talk.
To gallop throughبہت جلد ترقی کرناYou cannot get good marks just by galloping through books.
Die gameآخر تک ہمت قائم رکھناGood sportsmen always die game.
Make game ofکھیل تماشا بناناDon’t make game of great spiritual ideals.
The game is upسکیم فیل ہوگئیWhen the police came, the bank breaker found that the game was up.
To gang upشامل ہوناThe inspector ordered the police to gang up.
To stop a gapکمی پوری کرناHis hard labour enabled him to stop a gap in his studies.
Step on the gasرفتار تیز کرناThe driver stepped on the gas to pursue the thief.
Gate of justiceعدالتNot even the Supreme Court is the gate of justice today.
Stand in the gateدفاع کی حالت میں احتیاط کرناThe girl stood in the gate to face the intruder.
Gather groundترقی کرناBy and by you will gather a ground.
Gather to a headپک جاناThe grains have gathered to a head. The political parties are gathering to a head for the elections.
To gather strengthمضبوط ہو جاناThe patient is gathering strength now.
To through down the gauntletچیلنج ترک کرناWhen a pickpocket faces you with a revolver it is better to through up the gauntlet.
Gear upرفتار تیز کرناThe students gear up for the examination.
Gear downرفتار کم کرناThe students gear do.vn for the summer vacation.
Out of gearخرابThe car has gone out of gear.
In gearچالو حالت میںThe car is in gear.
in generalعام اصول کی طرحStudents of rich families do well in general.
Get aheadترقی کرناTo modern society everyone tried to get ahead.
Get alongپیش قدمی کرناThey get along well in a good school.
Get offبھاگ جاناSomehow the thief got off.
Get outاپنے آپ کو آزاد کرناHe is trying to get out of the contract.
Get thereکامیاب ہونا، اپنا مقصد حاصل کرناWithout study, how do you hope to get there in examination?.
Get throughمقصد حاصل کرناPlease, meet me when you get through the work in hand.
Get upاوپر اٹھنا تیار ہوناPlease get tip.
To get rid ofتنگ آجاناI want to get rid of my wife at all cost.
To get a chance for the betterبہتر بناناThe patient has got a chance for the better.
To get throughکامیاب ہو جاناI am sure he will get through in his final examination.
To get alongپیش قدمی کرناThe scheme seems sound, we can get along with it.
To get atپہنچناWe are trying to get at the peace of this hill.
A ghost of a chanceبہت کم موقعHe has only a ghost of a chance to get a job.
Ghostly weaponsشیطان You cannot win her confidence just by ghostly weapons.
Gift of the gabبولنے کی طاقتLadies generally have the gift of the gab.
Give and takeلین دینGive and take is die basis of all business.
Give birth toپیدا کرناThe cat game birth to 3 kittens.
Give chaseپیچھاThe police gave the robber a chase.
Give earسنناPlease give car for the whole story.
Give forthنکالناThey gave forth the whole story.
Give groundشائع کرناDon’t give ground to sadness.
Give intoلپیٹناThe Minister give in to the Prime Minister.
Give it to oneگالیاں نکالناThe teacher gave it to the boy.
Give outکم ہو جاناThe Press gave out the scandal. The chimney give out smoke. Food gave out in the kitchen.
Give overختم ہوناThe newspaper has given over.
Give tongueاظہار کرناThe dying girl gave tongue to her feelings. The dog gave tongue.
Give upترک کر دیناThey gave up the whole enterprise.
To Give the worldسزا دیناThe Prime Minister’s statement has given the world.
To give oneself airsمغرور ہوجاناMy father-in-law has given airs for his wealth.
Glad ofپر جوش ہوناI am glad of your success.
To glance atتنقیدی ریمارکس دیناThe teacher glanced at students.
Hand and gloveگہر ےدوستThey are hand and glove with each other.
To fit like a gloveبالکل صحیحToday’s statement of the Prime Minister fits like a glove to our national policy.
Go about one’s businessاپنے معاملات پر توجہ دیناA businessman goes about his business and lets others go about their business.
Go abroadغیر ملک میں جاناWhen did you go abroad?
Has the news gone abroad?
Go againstخلاف ہو جاناTo tell a lie goes against my grain.
Go asideغلطی کرناMany great men go aside under the pernicious influence of materialism. Honest has gone aside from the world.
Go atحملہ کرناNapoleon went at the enemy with full force.
Go backپھر جانا، مکر جاناDon’t go back on your commitment.
Go bailضمانت دیناWill you go bail for me?
Go blackThe Americans are reluctant to go black.
Go downڈوب جانا ،زوال پذیر ہوناThe reputation of the Prime Minister has gone down.
Go farپائیدار ، دیرپاWoollen clothes go far.
Go for nothingکوئی قدر نہ ہوناTruth goes for nothing in the world.
Go halvesبرابر حصہ کرناWhatever we earn, we should go halves.
Go in and outآزادانہ گھومناFew people go in and out in the Prime Minister’s residence.
Go in forاپنے آپ کو وقف کرناMost of the modern youth go in for making money.
Go in tin toجنسی تعلقات قائم کرناDon’t go in unto prostitutes.
Go offمر جاناThe workers went off in a hurry my brother went off on june 24, 2000. Glory of politics is going off. All ties go off by and by.
Go one betterآگے نکل جاناRashid cannot go Naveed better.
Go one’s wayروانہ ہوناThe old leaders have gone their way.
Go overاعادہ The judge went over the whole story.
Go throughادا کرنا پڑھناShe went through the marriage ceremony.
Go to piecesمکمل ٹوٹ جاناThe dinner set slipped from her hands and went into pieces.
Go to the wallایک طرف ہو جاناThe ruling party does not easily go to the wall.
Go underمر جانا، ہار جاناMy brother has gone under. The rock went under in the high tide.
Go withمتفق ہوناI am read to go with von on this point.
Go withoutقلت ہوناMillions in India are going without food.
Great goڈگری امتحانThe students are preparing for the great go.
Let goچھوڑ ناBhutto let go Mujibur Rehman.
No goنا ممکنThere is no go on this point.
To go to rack and ruinمکمل جلا ہواAs a result of fire. the whole market has gone to rack and ruin.
To go hand in handمکمل معاہدہOn the issue of rice production in the country all the ministers went hand in hand.
To go aboutجگہ جگہFor getting orders, he goes about the whole city.
To go throughمعائینہ کرناThe doctor has gone through the patient thoroughly.
Go onجاری رکھناGo in with your statement.
At the first goبہت خرچ کرناShahid was leading the race at the first go.
Get one’s goatغصے میںBeware lest you get our boss’s goat.
God’s truthاٹل حقیقت Death is a god’s truth.
God of this worldشیطانAtom is another god ofihis world.
God forsakenقابل رحمThe patient is God-forsaken.
Golden meanدرمیانی راستہIslam preached the path of the golden mean.
25Golden ruleکسی کی اچھی بات پر عمل کرناIt is in the interest of everybody to follow the golden rule.
Gold feverپیسے کی خواہش Human weakness is gold fever.
A golden ageتاریخ کا روشن دورThe golden age has passed from the modern world now.
Golden opportunityبہترین موقعWe have got a golden opportunity of starting a new business now.
Be as good as one’s wordاپنا وعدہ پورا کرناBe as good as your word and do the work.
For goodہمیشہ کے لئےThey left Pakistan for good.
For good and allہمیشہ کے لئےThe friends decided to part for good and all.
Good for anythingکسی بھی کاروبار کے لئے مناسب An active boy is good for anything.
Good for nothingبے کار بے فائدہRich men's children prove good for nothing.
Good officesوساطت، وسیلہI got this job through the good offices of my uncle.
Good people, good folkسمندری سفر سےThere are no more good folk in the world now-a-days.
Make goodادا کرنا پورا کرناYou must make good this work. She made good her promise.
No goodبے کار، بے فائدہEducation is no good now-a-days.
Stand goodآخر تک اچھاTruth always stands good.
Think goodخواہش مندHe thinks good of going home.
A good hand atہوشیار ، ماہرHe is a good hand at watch repairing.
Good moneyاصلیYou are having a good money note.
To kill the goose that lays golden eggsمستقبل کے فوائد قربان کر دیناI do not want to kill the goose that lays golden eggs by selling my book at cheap rates.
Have the grab onبہت فائدہ ہوناHe has the grab of Nasies influence in getting a job.
With good graceاچھے طریقے سےLet us do every thing with good grace.
Airs and gracesرویہ سلوکIn high time that you should change your bad airs and graces.
Make the gradeمشکلات پر قابو پالیناThe boy has at last made the grade in the school.
On ghe tip-gradeترقی کرتے ہوئےThe patient is on the up-grade now-a-days.
Grade upبہتر بناناPlease grade up the quality of your products.
Against the grainقدرتی طبع کے خلافOne cannot succeed if one works against the grain.
Grand totalٹوٹل،اخذThe grand total of life is Zero.
Take for grantedپہلے سے فرض کرناOne should rake death sooner or later for granted and build his life on that assumption.
Grapes from thornsبرے سے اچھاHe has the art of getting grapes from thorns.
To grapple withسلجھانا، مقابلہIt is difficult to grapple with the problem arising from high cost of living.
Grasp atپکڑ لیناHis efforts to grasp at the running train failed.
Go to grassریٹائر ہو جانا/کام چھوڑ دیناA writer who earn his living day to day cannot go to grass.
Let the grass under one’s feetوقت ضائع کرناIf von let the grass tinder sour feet, you will fail in life miserably.
Dig one’s own graveاپنی موت کی خود وجہ بنناDon’t dig our grave with your own teeth.
With one foot in the graveموت کے نزدیکPeople do not give up greed even with one foot in grave.
Quiet as the graveساکت / خاموشDuring curfew a town becomes as quiet as the grave.
Grease one’s palmsرشوتNo government servant will do your work unless von grease his palm.
A great gunThe Professor of Chemistry in our college is a great gun now-a-days.
Come to griefبدقسمتی کا سامنا کرناEverybody sometimes comes to grief.
To lose one’s gripکنٹرول کھودیناThe grandfather has lost his grip on his youngest grandson.
Break groundکسی بھی کام میں پہلا قدم اٹھاناFor discipline in India we have yet to break the ground.
Fall to the groundبے نتیجہ ہوناPlans of men and mice fall to the ground.
Gain groundترقی کرناSteady work always gains ground.
Lose groundپیچھے رہ جاناIn the last twenty-eight years Pakistan has lost much ground.
Give groundفائدہ ضائع کر دیناAt Simla Summit we have given ground to India.
Hold or stand one’s groundثابت قدم رہناYou must stand your ground in the face of adversity.
Grow out ofکا نتیجہYour misery grows out of your bad planning.
Grubb Streetسستا اور گھٹیا ادابMy writings belong to the Grubb Street. I am glad to belong to the Grubb Street.
Guardian angelدوسرے کے فائدے کے لئے وقت Edhi Welfare known to be guardian angel to hundreds of poor.
Mount guardنگرانی میں رکھناThe police have mounted guard round the Jama Masjid.
On one’s guardہوشیارYou have to be always on your guard against enemies.
As sure as gunیقیناI will meet you tomorrow as sure as a gun.
Great gunبہت اہمیت کا حامل شخصAyub Khan was a great guilt.
Son of a gunبدمعاشBeware of the son of gun.
Stick to ones gunsاپنی پوزیشن قائم رکھناThe Principal is bent upon sticking to his guns.

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