Letter : To the editor complaining about high rise buildings

To the editor complaining about high rise buildings in your neighbour
205, Shabistan,
April 12, 2014
The Editor,
The Daily News,
Through these columns of your esteemed daily I want to register my protest against the KMC authorities who allow building of skyscrapers in residential areas where the poor and lower middle class people live iii single storied houses.
In my locality, only those people live who have got ordinary houses built through credits obtained from [louse Building Finance corporation. These houses are mostly single storeyed. The high rising edifices which have been built in this locality always remind of class distinction and make the residents feel that they are poor. Further these, sky scrapers stand in the way of wind and prevent its access to the houses of the poor people. So they are vexatious to the people who can not afford cost of electric fans or cost of running the fans 24 hours.
These sky scrapers have also created water problem for the locality. In this area the generous water broad supplies water on alternate days for a few hours with so low pressure that tile water hardly reaches our tanks and we are suffering due to water shortage. To add fuel to fire, these sky scrapers have motors that sucks the water from the main-line and we are deprived of water. You may imagine our lot who go from door to door to beg for a pail of water.
Will the KMC authorities retender their policy of allowing building of high rising edifices ?
Yours faithfully,
Ambar Haider Sabih

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