Tom, Tom, The Piper's Son - Poem

Tom, Tom, The Piper's Son

Poem : "Tom, Tom, The Piper's Son" - Nursery Rhyme

Tom, Tom, the Piper’s son,
Learnt to play when he was young.
All the tune that he could play
Was “Over the hills and far away.
Over the hills and a great way off,
And the wind will blow my top-knot off.”

Tom on his pipe played with such skill
That those who heard him could never keep still..
For all who heard were bound to dance,
He met old Dame Trot with a basket of eggs,
He used his pipe, and she used her legs;
She danced about till the eggs all broke.
She began to fret, but he laughed at the joke.

He met the parson on his way,
Took out his pipe, began to play
A merry tune, which led His Grace
Into a very muddy place.
The justice said he would not fail
To send poor Tommy off to jail.
Tom took out his pipe, began to play,
And all the court soon hopped away.

‘I was quite a treat to see the rout,
How clerks and judges hopped about;
While Tommy still kept playing the tune
“I’ll be free this afternoon.’

Then Jailer Grim, who held him fast,
Began to dance about at last.
And Tom, delighted at the fun,
S lipped out of court and away did run.

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